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August 10, 2013

Minecraft Latest Version 1.6.2 (PC Games/Eng) Full Free Download

Minecraft Latest version 1.6.2 (PC Games/Eng) Full Free Download
Minecraft Latest Version 1.6.2 (PC Games/Eng) Full Free Download
Minecraft is one of the most beloved games among gamers. This is because it allows you to create gigantic constructions, caves and other creative possibilities. This is a war-game that requires to fight monsters that appears in the evening and survive by running away from them, providing for your basic needs, gathering food, firewood, etc. Due to this game's many options and entertaining graphics it became popular all over the world.

Minecraft is an independent sandbox video game created by the Swedish programmer Markus Person and later developed and published by Mojang. The full PC version was released on late 2011. On May 2012 the video game, co-developed with 4J Studios, was released for XBOX360.

All Minecraft versions are periodically updated. The creative and building aspects of the game allow the players to build constructions from cubes in a 3D world that work according to fixed rules. Other activities include world exploration, resources gathering, working and combat.

There are 3 general game modes:

1. Survival Mode – In this mode the players are required to gather resources in order to keep their health and food supply.

2. Freedom Mode – In this mode, the players have infinite resources, as well as the ability to fly and they do not suffer from health related restrictions or hunger. 

3. Hardcore Mode – This mode is similar to Survival Mode, but the level of difficulty is much higher. The environment is extremely difficult and players are forced to delete their worlds upon death (there is no respawning option).

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